Faversham Touche

Solid White Female

IAR: 227590
DOB: 2020-02-17
Sire: Jandarra Touchdown
Dam Jandarra Spoton
Fleece: 1st Fleece. 15.8m 3.7sd 23.4cv 100% cf 80mm sl 8 mths
No 2nd Fleece stats. interstate.
3rd Fleece 20.1m 4.1sd 20.4cv 97.4% cf
4th Fleece 22.2 m 4.4sd 19.8cv 94.7%cf


Jandarra Tilly  DOB 1/5/23

   Touche is an elite quality female with a striking presence and a standout in the paddock . She has a very dense ultra fine fleece highlighted by a bright high  frequency crimp. Her sire Jandarra Touchdown's 6th fleece was tested 22m 3.8sd 17.1cv 97.3%cf .Touche's Dam, Jandarra Spoton's excellent credentials are  listed in the Herd Profile section.of this website.
       Faversham Touche was sold in utero but born here. She had so much potential we expressed our interest to acquire her. Many thanks to Faversham for letting her go.